1. Box Set of 5 Thollem/Cline Trio Albums
    Nels Cline, William Parker, Michael Wimberly, Pauline Oliveros

  2. Thollem/Cline Trio Compilation
    Nels Cline, William Parker, Michael Wimberly, Pauline Oliveros

  3. Tsigoti - 'Best Of'!
    Tsigoti - Andrea Caprara, Jacopo Andreini, Matteo Bennici, Piero Spitilli, Thollem

  4. Master Perhaps VS Captain Maybe
    Thollem and Danny Frankel

  5. Duos With Drummers Compilation
    Chase, Lund, Rivera, Robair, Treadway, Schonberg, Chacon, Wayne, Csendes, Ligeti

  6. Sunshine Pipeline
    Thollem, Honda, Ortman, Lurie, Momin, Wimberly, Hohl

  7. Electric Confluence Vol. 3

  8. Electric Confluence Vol. 2

  9. Electric Confluence Vol. 1

  10. The Reincarnation Of Henri Herz

  11. Duos Compilation
    Scodanibbio, Guazzaloca, Dieterich, Romus, Ricci, Mazurek, Seffer, Snow, Thollem

  12. Songs Compilation

  13. Trios and Quartets Compilation
    Dillon, Rogliano, Roccato, Giust, Marraffa, Romus, Peterson, Shelton, de Dionyso, Skloff, Niekrasz

  14. Blues Compilation

  15. 13 Billion Years To Tomorrow

  16. Estamos Project Compilation
    Escobar, Tamez, Golia, Nordeson, Wong, Webb, Bruck, Novachcov, Mendoza, Vázquez and more!

  17. adobe

  18. Thollem's Traveling Sessions with Abigail Alwin and Piotr Michalowski

  19. Thollem's Traveling Sessions with Chris Bates and Davu Seru

  20. Thollem's Traveling Sessions with Christina Stanley​ and Lisa Mezzacappa

  21. suube tube

  22. Two Piano Concert at the Philadelphia Museum Of Art

  23. Emergency Management Heist

  24. jimpani kustakwa ka jankwariteecherï

  25. on Debussy's piano

  26. Gone Beyond Reason To Find One

  27. WarisTerror TerrorisWar TheBrutalRealityOf ModernBrutality

  28. IntuitionScienceAndSex

  29. BoxDeserter - TwoRevolutions

  30. Sono Contento Di Stare Qua

  31. Poor Stop Killing Poor

  32. Everything's Going Everywhere


Thollem San Francisco, California

This account is mostly a series of compilation albums of tracks from Thollem's approximately 100 releases on 23 different labels. Over 150 different collaborators or so. Approaches ranging from Punk to Blues to Free Jazz to Post-Classical to Noise, everything in between and everything outside.
To see his full discography go here: www.thollem.com/albums
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